Code of conduct

  • Extensive experience providing specialized medical training for various nationalities and cultures
  • Loyal and composed team of seasoned medics, nurses, Paramedics and doctors
  • Train as you fight concepts for improved learning
  • Bespoke mindset anchored in fixed concepts
  • Domestic or deployed training and services

We specialize in three areas:

Remode Medicine

Specialized remote medical training –  designed for integration with RemodeMedic technology and customized for various environments and sectors

Special Operations Medicine

Advanced medical training for Special Operation Forces and Elite Police Units with expertise in arctic and hostile environments

Executive Medical Training

Premium and bespoke services for executive- and HNW families and individuals. Standardized and yet tailored to each specific need.


The Wilderness First-Responder course is recognized globally as the gold standard in medical training for outdoor professionals, covering essential medical management in remote areas. This five or seven-day course follows the Wilderness Medical Society's guidelines, offering in-depth lectures and hands-on training in extreme conditions to address serious medical emergencies where help is far. It i...


This course is designed for those who have previously completed and passed the Wilderness First Responder course and need re-certification within three years. We build upon your existing knowledgee and practical skills, integrating them with the latest advancements in the field.


Embark on a specialized 1-day Arctic Climate Medicine course as part of the Remote Medical Support (RMS) program. This comprehensive session prepares participants to handle medical challenges unique to the harsh Arctic environment, focusing on the prevention, recognition, and initial management of cold-related illnesses and injuries. This course is particularly tailored for adventurers, researcher...


The "Heavy Expedition" package is meticulously designed for challenging expeditions and missions involving multiple participants, incorporating a well-established base that can double as an initial treatment point. This course is paramount for missions where quick medical response and advanced monitoring are critical, ensuring all participants are well-prepared for the rigors of remote and austere...


The RemodeClinic Course, presented by Safe Nordic, is an intensive, one-day training designed to enhance the skills of individuals operating in remote and challenging environments. This part of the Remote Medical Support program focuses on delivering advanced medical care, including airway management, treatment of head and spinal injuries, advanced wound care, and the administration of complex med...


Embark on a one-day journey into the world of remote medical support with our Remote Emergency Care Course. Discover essential first aid skills that could be crucial, when medical help is distant. Delve into the basics of telemdicine procedures, enabling you to communicate effectively in critical situations. Tailor your learning by choosing climate-specific content, whether it's mastering the chal...


Expand your remote medical knowledge through the Remote Field Care Course. In a span of one day, dive deeper into advanced first aid and telemedicine. Learn to navigate and utilize telemedical procedures in complex scenarios and augment your ability to provide care in remote environments. Tailored specifically for expedition leaders or individuals bearing greater medical responsibilities in remote...


The High Altitude Medicine course is designed for individuals traveling to high-altitude areas, offering knowledge and skills to manage high-altitude illnesses. Despite advancements, high-altitude medicine still sees significant morbidity and mortality. Factors like sudden exposure, lack of acclimatization, existing heart or lung diseases, and inadequate medical equipment increase the risk of seve...


Intensive one-day course tailored specifically for tropical environments. As part of our Remote Medical Support program, this course will empower you with the critical skills and knowledge required to navigate the unique challenges of tropical climates. Dive deep into essential first aid techniques, uncover the nuances of telemedical procedures for effective communication, and arm yourself with tr...


This course delivers tactical first-aid training for operating in hostile environments, adhering to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) principles. It covers management of traumatic injuries including ballistic, penetrating, and blast injuries, airway management, bandaging, and tourniquet application. The program integrates hands-on activities and patient assessment simulations relevant to operat...