Remote Telemedicine

ReMode Medic – Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Medical Remote Areas

Over the past decade, Safe Nordic has been engaged in providing essential medical assistance to remote and austere regions. As a result, we have developed “ReMode Medic,” integrating Wireless Vital Signs Monitors and ADMS software from AthenaGTX. This initiative represents a significant advancement in bridging the healthcare gaps in medical remote areas, often characterized by a lack of access to medical resources, expertise, and adequate medical standards. By leveraging telemedicine, Safe Nordic aims to enhance real-time diagnosis and treatment and improve the decision-making processes for evacuations during critical operations, making it a pivotal solution for both remote and military operations.

Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

The Remote Medic automatically measures vital parameters such as saturation, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, ECG (2, 5, and 12 lead), and EtCO2 for intubated patients. These data are transmitted to secure cloud-based software, allowing for real-time monitoring and alerting to potential deteriorations in patient conditions. This system not only provides consistent and standardized data but also frees up human resources for other critical tasks.

Connecting Patient and Provider - Integrated Server and Software Communication

ReMode Medic integrates remote monitoring of patient vital signs on local providers’ smartphones or monitors, 

encrypted communication via LTE or satellite to secure servers, and real-time transmission to medical professionals anywhere in the world for rapid diagnosis and medical treatment. This innovative setup enables medical professionals to deliver superior telemedicine care and make accurate diagnoses and critical treatment decisions in the most isolated environments via local first responders.

Multipurpose – From Tactical Medics to In-Hospital Patient Monitoring

ReMode Medic technology is a cost-effective patient monitoring system that can be implemented at all levels of care. It ranges from setting up primitive medical clinics in austere and developing countries, to monitoring fully anesthetized patients during surgery, and to monitoring cardiac patients suspected of arrhythmias with continuous 12-lead ECG. ReMode Medic can also be utilized as part of emergency departments’ mass casualty procedures for rapid triage, monitoring, and treatment decision-making with multiple patients.

ReMode Medic represents a comprehensive approach to providing healthcare in remote areas. We integrate this telemedicine technology into most of our offerings, and together with our advanced medicine modules and diagnostic equipment combined with targeted medical training, we believe that we can make a significant difference for patients in medical remote areas.

Telemedicine Technology

RemodeMedic featuring Wireless Vital Signs Monitors (WVSM) from Athena GTX.

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Safe Nordics RemoteMedic technology integrates AthenaGTX (WVSM) and Athena Devices Management Suite (ADMS) with advanced medicine modules and medic kits, deployable medical facilities with health professionals, and 24/7 Duty Doctor back-end.

AthenaGTX comprehensive product portfolio includes


Athena Devices Management Suite (ADMS)

Athena Devices Management Suite (ADMS) software represents a breakthrough in multiple patients, multiple device connectivity. Compatible with Windows®, iOS (Apple®) and Android. The flexibility of the innovative ADMS software is unparalleled in today’s connected world. ADMS allows multiple patients, multiple different medical devices, and wirelessly enabled physiological status monitoring devices to be connected seamlessly.


A completely self-containd, wireless multi-patient telemetry system for rapid triage and decision-making in mass casualty scenarios or major incidents

  • Up to ten (10) WVSMs + all consumables
  • One (1) iPad mini (optional)
  • Hard Case with integrated charging capability
  • Multiple case colors available




Self-contained Physiological Status Monitoring (HS Pro)

A self-contained wearable monitoring system with a comprehensive physiological monitoring suite and algorithms. The HsPro is a robust, arm-worn physiological status monitor for detection,

prediction and anticipation of hypoxia based on a novel wearable sensing suite incorporating warning and state assessment. With a 8-12 hour battery life the system provides wireless connectivity to evaluate workload and fatigue across many users simultaneously during deployment.

The Automated Critical Care System (ACCS)

The Automated Critical Care System (ACCS) at technology readiness level 5 is set to transform patient evacuation in unmanned aerial systems for critical injuries. Integrating advanced medical technologies, it offers automated support to caregivers by monitoring and controlling interventions. ACCS provides real-time guidance based on established protocols, featuring automated fluid management and compatibility with medical devices, enhancing unmanned evacuation efficiency and care in the field.




Introducing “RemodeMedic”— a telemedicine technology enabling real-time remote patient monitoring and triage on the battlefield and for military Role Echelons.