Special Operations Combat Medic Sustainment

Special Operations Combat Medic Sustainment Course

The Special Operations Combat Medic Sustainment Course offered by Safe Nordic is an advanced training program designed to update and refine the skills of medical personnel within the NATO Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. This 10-day course is structured to align with the requirements for recertification equivalent to the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic (NSOCM) standards. 

Safe Nordic’s sustainment course is built around a highly skilled instructor team, consisting of NSOCM personnel with extensive real-world experience and a medical team with a background in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) world. The team’s goal is to provide the best and most relevant course available in the market.

Dr. Peter A. Christensen (PAC), formerly MEDAD for Danish SOF, serves as the course director. PAC’s background in the Nordic Special Operations Combat Medic (NNSOCM) program, the ISTC NSOCM program, NATO, University of College Cork, and Danish SOF ensures that this course meets the requirements of the NSOCM recertification course guidelines.

Admission Requirements & Evaluation: Eligible candidates must possess a valid SOF-Medic education acquired within the last three years from recognized programs such as USSOCM, 18-D, NNSOCM, ISTC NSOCM, UK NSOCM, or GER NSOCM. Proficiency in English is required due to the language of instruction. The course includes ongoing assessments and concludes with a written examination, necessary for recertification.

The course is scheduled to take place in North Jutland, Denmark, but can be arranged abroad.

Course content
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Skills and Training: 
  • Remote Damage Control Resuscitation with blood transfusion protocols
  • TCCC Moulage Scenarios: 
  • Live Tissue Training: 
  • Realistic Prolonged Field Care (PFC) Training and Exercises: 


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