Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Arctic Medical Safety Course

The Wilderness First-Responder course is recognized globally as the gold standard in medical training for outdoor professionals, covering essential medical management in remote areas. This five or seven-day course follows the Wilderness Medical Society’s guidelines, offering in-depth lectures and hands-on training in extreme conditions to address serious medical emergencies where help is far. It includes CPR certification and is designed for diverse environments like arctic or desert. Valid for three years, the certificate can be renewed through a recertification course. Participants must pass both a written test and practical assessments.

Course content
  • General Principles of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine: Prevention and identification of medical emergencies, suitable technology and risk management
  • Patient Assessment and Emergency Care: CPR, basic life support and emergency treatment of anaphylaxis and asthma
  • Environmental Medicine: Training for altitude-related illness, hypothermia and heat-related illness, frostbite and cold injury, lightning, submersion and environmental toxins
  • Backcountry Medicine: Assessment and treatment of common medical conditions
  • Musculoskeletal: Unstable and stable injuries, such as overuse syndromes and dislocations
  • Wound Management: Open fractures, lacerations, burns and blisters
  • Practical Skills: Splinting, bandaging, rescue-transport packaging and medical kit preparation
  • Wound Cleaning and Exploration: Spine injury assessment, dislocation reduction, CPR in a remote setting and anaphylaxis and asthma as well as basic medicine knowledge


Duration: 5-7 days

The WFR course can take place in both Denmark and Greenland.


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