Arctic Medical

Arctic Medical Support

For over a decade, Safe Nordic has specialized in providing tailored medical assistance to the Arctic, particularly in Greenland’s extreme conditions where medical aid is often scarce or non-existent. Our support encompasses critical sectors such as scientific expeditions, mineral exploration, coastal maritime operations, and mining activities in Greenland’s northern regions.

Arctic-Adapted Medical Training Programs

Our Arctic-focused medical training programs are meticulously crafted to empower individuals with the skills required to navigate medical crises and administer telemedicine care amidst the severe cold and isolation of the polar regions. The curriculum delves into specialized areas such as frostbite care, hypothermia management, and emergency response under Arctic conditions, reinforcing safety and evacuation decision-making.

Catering specifically to polar climates, our training boasts authentic simulations and emphasizes hands-on practice, ensuring that participants are adept at operating within icy, unforgiving terrains. The Safe Nordic instructional team, with extensive polar experience, enhances our training, offering insights into applying medical expertise in the world’s northernmost locales.

Specialized Medical Supplies for Arctic Conditions

Our expansive range of medical packs and solutions is carefully selected for the Arctic environment. From personal first aid kits suitable for compact scientific teams to comprehensive medical setups for large-scale mining operations, we ensure that each kit is equipped for the rigors of Arctic deployment. Our telemedicine solutions, including advanced pharmaceutical provisions, are optimized to perform in subzero environments.

Telemedicine Solutions for the Arctic Realm

Our Telemedicine Solutions are at the forefront, featuring ReModeCare with robust satellite connectivity, designed for the Arctic’s remote expanses. This pioneering technology facilitates high-quality telemedical care, precise diagnoses, and critical treatments through local first responders, even on the most remote ice fields and tundra.

Safe Nordic Duty Doctors

The Duty Doctors are a 24/7 Telemedicine Physician Support Service. The team is comprised of Anesthesiologists and General Practitioners with access to an expert panel of doctors from various specialties (cardiologist, surgeons, Infectious disease specialists) and psychologists).

Strategic Deployment of Arctic-Trained Medical Professionals

To augment operational medical support and safety in these extreme settings, we coordinate the strategic deployment of medical professionals trained for the Arctic’s unique challenges. While general emergency training is advocated for all personnel, the presence of a seasoned medical professional familiar with Arctic-specific medical issues is invaluable, offering a pragmatic and safe solution to on-site healthcare challenges.

Arctic Projects

Safe Nordic possesses extensive experience in Arctic operations, with a focus on supporting Greenlandic communities and businesses. Committed to preserving Greenland’s natural environment and cultural integrity, Safe Nordic has contributed to scientific endeavors in the Arctic for over 12 years, aiming to continue our supportive efforts.


Remote Mining operations North Greenland

North Greenland is known for its extreme climate and harsh conditions, requiring significant attention for any activities in the region. In 2022, Safe Nordic was contacted by Dundas Titanium to provide medical support for their mining exploration expedition. The result was a three-month medical support operation that included a co-deployed medical safety officer, a full-scale RTF (Remote Telemedical Clinic), and Duty Doctor backend service.


Deployed medical personnel on arctic expedition

“Veterans in Motion” is an association by wounded veterans aimed at supporting their peers. They use extreme activities to challenge the physical and psychological boundaries of wounded veterans. In 2017, Safe Nordic’s founder, Thomas Trust Have, was responsible for medical planning and served as the expedition doctor for “Veterans in Motion,” pulling sledges weighing 100 kg over 400 km in temperatures of minus 40 degrees during a 30-day expedition in Northeast Greenland.


Kayak Expedtion with Veterans in Motion

In January 2018, Safe Nordic provided medical support for an expedition involving 20 veterans, each dealing with physical or psychological injuries. We supported with telemedical assistance, medical equipment and advanced medications, for a challenging 400 km kayak journey in remote East Greenland in 2019. This expedition aimed to explore the impact of nature and community on the veterans’ psychological well-being. The Safe Nordic team was proud and humble to offer this support.


Medical training for national guides

Over the past four years, Safe Nordic has been running the Wilderness First Responder course to The National Arctic Adventure Guides in Greenland. This course provides medical training for guides, equipping them with the necessary skills to ensure the safety and well-being of tourists during extended wilderness expeditions. The training covers first aid in remote settings, evacuation skills and telemedical trianing, highlighting the responsibility guides have in caring for others.

West Africa

Remote Medical Facility in Citronenfjord

In 2023, the Safe Nordic team supported a Danish company operating in West Africa. Much of the African continent is considered “medically remote” due to the low standards or absence of healthcare systems. Additionally, a wide array of tropical diseases can complicate staying and living in Sub-Saharan regions. Comprehensive medical support for ventures to most African regions is advisable.

Tailored Medical Solutions for Arctic Operations

Light Expedition

Our individual issued expedition package “Light Expedition” is designed for people and organizations on expeditions that aim to provide the highest possible safety for their staff and participants, along with the ability for self-treatment. Basic vital sign monitoring, equipment for emergency treatment and medication for simple medical conditions included.

Light Expedition service package:

  • Expedition First Aid Kit (EFAK -Basic) with over-the-counter medication and medical equipment.
  • Expedition First Aid Kit (EFAK -Advanced) with prescription medication and medical equipment.
  • 1-day optional Light Expedition Course before departure.
  • Access to Duty Doctor 24/7 (with EFAK-2)

Heavy Expedition

“Heavy Expedition” is tailored for expeditions and missions with multiple participants, where there is an established base that can serve as a starting point for potential treatment. Intermediate vital sign monitoring, equipment for comprehensive basic medical treatment and prescription medication for various medical conditions included.

Heavy Expedition service package:

  • Expedition Medic Base Aid Kit (EMBAK) with prescription medication and intermediate vital signs monitoring
  • 2-days optional Heavy Expedition Course before departure.
  • Access to Duty Doctor 24/7
  • RemodeMedic Telemedicine Technology enables real-time monitoring of vital parameters via LTE/WiFi/SatCom to our Duty Doctors in Denmark.


Telemedical operated clinic. Designed for minor but comprehensive expeditions or companies that are remote for extended periods and prefer to train inhouse staff to handle medical incidents or want a telemedical capacity to enhance existing medical setup. 

RemodeClinic service package:

  • Comprehensive medicine and medical equipment for the management of various diseases and medical conditions.
  • Laboratory equipment for diagnosing, managing, and monitoring diseases.
  • RemodeMedic Telemedicine Technology enables real-time monitoring of vital parameters via LTE/WiFi/SatCom to our Duty Doctors with 24/7 access
  • Optional 1-day Remote Telemedicine Course before your departure. Includes intramuscular, subcutaneous medicine administration 

Arctic Courses

Arctic Light Expedition

Arctic Heavy Expedition


Medical Solutions

Safe Nordic provides specialized medical services for demanding operations in challenging environments

Medical Safety Officer (MSO)

All our MSOs are trained doctors, paramedics, nurses, or special forces medics with over five years of international operational experience – each with their own unique background and expertise.

Duty Doctor

The Duty Doctors are a 24/7 Telemedicine Physician Support Services. The Duty Doctors are comprised of Anesthesiologists and General Practitioners with access to an expert panel of doctors from various specialties (cardiologist, Surgeons, Infectious disease specialists) and psychologists.

Bespoke Medical Operations

In a world of compromise, some don’t! Safe Nordic provides Tier 1 medical solutions for special operations. We are able to draw on our extensive global network, providing solutions in close contact with our clients, and operate within the framework of small teams all over the world.

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