Medical Equipment

Safe Nordic offers a superior range of wilderness, expedition and tactical emergency medical packs. Our medical equipment packs have been developed, enhanced and comprehensive tested in the field during real-life emergencies by our team of medical doctors, special operation medics and emergency technicians for over 20 years in harsh environments, on expeditions all over the globe and tactical operations on post 9/11 deployments. Each pack is designed to provide optimal conditions for medical operations 

All bags and packs come with both standard and custom adjusted medicine kits. 

Medicine kits are issued on rental basis and must always be returned to Safe Nordic according to the specific agreement.

Expedition First Aid Kit

Our Expedition First Aid Kit (EFAK) is meticulously crafted for wilderness adventures worldwide. Packed with essential gear for treating injuries, it’s compact, waterproof, and versatile. Ideal for any expedition, it includes SWAT-Tourniquet, bandages, scarf, blanket, patches, sports tape, splint, tweezers, needle, syringe, shears, and a usage guide, all in a durable dry bag.

WFR Ultralight

Our WFR-UL waist-pack is a compact solution for wilderness emergencies, ideal for first responders and adventurers. Versatile and lightweight, it can be worn around the waist or carried in a day pack. Tested rigorously for durability, it includes essential gear like tourniquets, trauma bandages, airway devices, pulse oximeter, bandages, wound care items, surgical instruments, splints, tape, headlamp, rescue blanket, hypothermia thermometer, dental repair kit, and signal whistle. Our packs come with standard and custom-adjusted medicine modules available for annual rental through Safe Nordic.

Expedition Medic Base Kit

Our wilderness medical kit is packed in lightweight, waterproof Peli Storm Cases, designed for scientific and industrial expeditions. It contains essential gear for treating minor to major injuries, adhering to international standards. Used in our wilderness first responder courses, it includes equipment for ABCDE diagnostics and evacuation preparation. Standard and custom medicine kits are available for rental through Safe Nordic.

Remode Expedition Kit

A vital medical kit for remote environments, engineered for comprehensive preparedness. Covers trauma, infections, pain, and hypothermia, with ReMoDe Technology (RemoteMedicalDevice) powered by the AthenaGTX Wireless Vital Signs Monitor for real-time monitoring and global communication. Essential for adventurers and professionals in the wild.

XDOC - Expedition Doctor

The XDOC is tailored for advanced wilderness treatments, ideal for expedition physicians. Its reusable supplies and equipment are selected for performance and weight reduction, including oral and intravenous medications and an emergency surgical kit. It offers an advanced airway management device for specialists, alongside ReMoDe Technology for real-time monitoring and communication. Supplies can be personalized to meet individual needs.

Covert Operation Individual First Aid Kit

Designed for Close Protection Officers (CPO) for concealed carry. This compact individual first aid kit (IFAK) can be concealed and carried on the belt, under the jacket, or in a bag. The contents allow you to initiate vital self-treatment in critical situations. The kit enables you to stabilize major bleeding, initiate basic life support with the included face shield, and treat minor injuries.

Covert Operation Medic GoPack

The CPO Medic GoKit is meticulously designed to meet the urgent needs of tactical medics facing severe injuries from various sources. It follows the M-A-B-C algorithm for patient stabilization, with tailored supplies for airway, breathing, and circulation support. It’s crafted to align with the demands of high-stakes tactical scenarios, where medics juggle mission-critical gear. More than a medical kit, it’s a lifeline for harsh conditions, ensuring readiness and efficiency in adversity.

Drivers Medkit

The Drivers MedKit, developed with security professionals and chauffeurs, provides a comprehensive vehicle first aid solution. It includes basic life support tools like an AED, along with supplies for severe bleeding, musculoskeletal injuries, eye injuries, burns, and minor injuries. Standard firefighting equipment is also included for immediate response. Each kit comes with standard and customized medicine packs available for rental through Safe Nordic, subject to agreed terms.


The SafeCase by Safe Nordic is a comprehensive emergency pack featuring vital equipment for resuscitation, firefighting, and first aid. Developed by experienced emergency professionals, every item is carefully selected and packed in Denmark. Contents include a PhysioControl CR2 Defibrillator with Wifi, protective gear, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, flashlight, hemorrhage kit, multi-spray, bandages, instruments, and a waterproof Peli Storm Case.

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