Remote Field Care

Remote Field Care

Expand your remote medical knowledge through the Remote Field Care Course. In a span of one day, dive deeper into advanced first aid and telemedicine. Learn to navigate and utilize telemedical procedures in complex scenarios and augment your ability to provide care in remote environments. Tailored specifically for expedition leaders or individuals bearing greater medical responsibilities in remote settings, this course offers enhanced training, ensuring participants emerge as vital medical assets for their teams.

Target Audience: Developed for individual or organization being medical remote and need to bridge the gaps between developed health care systems and the medical challenges of austere regions. 

  • Scientists, adventurers and expedition enthusiasts operating in the medical remote regions. 
  • Professionals from the offshore, maritime, or mining industries and energy sectors
  • Journalists, NGO and GO, Expatriate staff and executives.

Course Objectives: Upon completion, participants will:

  • Exhibit proficiency in secondary survey methods for patients.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of telemedical equipment and procedures.
  • Navigate complex remote medical scenarios with increased confidence.
  • Utilize the 24/7 Duty Doctor service for expert guidance.
Course content
  • Introduction to Intermediate Remote Medical Care
  • Secondary Survey Techniques
  • Vital signs and patient monitoring
  • Advanced Telemedical Procedures:
  • Complex Scenario Navigation
  • Concluding Session:


Duration: 1 day


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