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Remote Medical Support

For the last 10 years, Safe Nordic has provided comprehensive and integrated medical assistance to austere regions and challenging environments where medical resources and expertise are limited, unavailable, or have inadequate standards – we call these regions for medical remote areas. Our Remote Medical Support Program consists of several elements and caters several sectors.

Medical Training Programs

Our medical training programs are specifically designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively handle medical emergencies and provide telemedicine care in remote settings. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including wilderness first aid, trauma management, and telemedical examinations, diagnosis, and treatments to enhance patient safety and make informed decisions for evacuations.

Our programs cater to a variety of climates and remote environments, and we take pride in our realistic training simulations and commitment to hands-on skill training, which allows participants to gain practical experience in a controlled, supportive environment. 

Safe Nordic team of instructors brings a wealth of experience, having served as medical professionals in remote locations, participated in expeditions, and undertaken special operations deployments worldwide. Their extensive field experience enriches our programs, providing participants with valuable insights and real-world applications of medical knowledge in remote settings.

Medical Supplies and Medications

Our comprehensive selection of medical packs and solutions includes everything from individual first aid kits designed for personal use on small expeditions, to fully equipped, deployable medical clinics and safety solutions tailored for heavy industrial operations. Additionally, as part of our telemedicine solutions, we offer advanced medication options to ensure optimal care in every scenario.

Telemedicine Solutions

Safe Nordic’s Telemedicine Solutions, featuring our cutting-edge ReModeCare remote patient monitors, integrating satellite communication, real-time translation, and Large Language models with our telemedical Duty Doctor Team in Denmark.  This innovative concept empowers medical professionals to deliver superior telemedicine care, accurate diagnoses and critical treatment in the most isolated and challenging environments via local first responders.

Deployment of medical professionals

For enhanced operational medical support and operational safety we offer co-deployment of medical professionals, inlcuding paramedics, nurses, and doctors. While we recommend emergency medical training for all personnel, deploying a medical professional with experience from medical remote areas, can often be the most cost-effective and safety-conscious approach.

Remote Projects

Safe Nordic holds significant expertise in operations within remote areas, stretching from the cold arctic of Greenland to the scorching heat of Africa to the war affected Ukraine. Dedicated to safeguarding the natural environment and aiding with medical support. 


Remote Mining operations North Greenland

North Greenland is known for its extreme climate and harsh conditions, requiring significant attention for any activities in the region. In 2022, Safe Nordic was contacted by Dundas Titanium to provide medical support for their mining exploration expedition. The result was a three-month medical support operation that included a co-deployed medical safety officer, a full-scale RTF (Remote Telemedical Clinic), and Duty Doctor backend service.


Supporting Science

Safe Nordic has developed the “gold standard” in remote medical training that most Danish scientific organizations undertake before embarking on fieldwork in the Arctic realm. For the past 10 years, Safe Nordic has offered a broad range of services to scientific expeditions, including Remote Medical Training, medical supplies and equipment, telemedicine services, pre-deployment health checks, and the deployment of medics, nurses, and doctors.


Building high altitude Solar Panels in Tibet

Constructing a solar panel farm in Tibet, situated at an elevation of 6000 meters, carries severe health risks. Occupational hazards and altitude sickness can pose significant challenges. The availability of medical care is crucial in determining whether such a project fails or succeeds. In 2019, Safe Nordic provided full-service medical support to a Danish company working on Tibet Solar Power Projects, including advice, health checks, training, deployed medics, equipment, medicine, and telemedicine setup.


Medical Support in Ukraine

The Safe Nordic team has been engaged in medical operations in Ukraine since the start of the conflict. Services include medical training of local security forces, medical support for evacuations, delivery of medical equipment, telemedicine services and establishment of medical facilities.

West Africa

Operations in Africa

In 2023, the Safe Nordic team supported a Danish company operating in West Africa. Much of the African continent is considered “medically remote” due to the low standards or absence of healthcare systems. Additionally, a wide array of tropical diseases can complicate staying and living in Sub-Saharan regions. Comprehensive medical support for ventures to most African regions is advisable.

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