Executive Medical Training

Executive Medical Training

Safe Nordic has the modest vision of providing the best possible training and the best equipment. Safe Nordic has designed the Executive Medical training from evidence-based principles for training and feedback models, combined with our year-long experience of best practise. SafeConcept has been implemented at a number of large companies and Executive families in Denmark and abroad. 

”One size does NOT fit all”. The need for first aid and emergency response skills varies according to function and circumstances. For that reason, we target the training and skills to each individual group of participants and the training programme is different depending on whether you work as a wind turbine installer, consulting engineer with travel abroad, as knowledge and innovation officer, machinist, educator, teacher, or something completely different.

Course content
  • Few participants – generally 4-8 persons
  • Short and intensive training sessions of 1-2 hours
  • Max 12 months between the training sessions
  • High tech training equipment with real time feedback
  • Training of skills based on real-case scenarios
  • Training with similar equipment available in emergency situations


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