RemodeClinic Course

The RemodeClinic Course, presented by Safe Nordic, is an intensive, one-day training designed to enhance the skills of individuals operating in remote and challenging environments. This part of the Remote Medical Support program focuses on delivering advanced medical care, including airway management, treatment of head and spinal injuries, advanced wound care, and the administration of complex medications. Tailored for professional remote expeditions, operations in medically isolated regions, and commercial sectors, this course aims to empower participants to maintain the well-being of their teams in the most austere settings.

RemodeClinics Integration: Upon completion of the course, participants will be familiarized with ReModeClinics – Safe Nordic’s fully unmanned, telemedical-operated facility designed for remote expeditions or companies. 

Course content
  • Refresher on intermediate concepts and introduction to advanced trauma care.
  • Head and Spinal Injury Management: Techniques for the assessment, immobilization, and management of head and spinal injuries with scenario-based practice.
  • Advanced Wound Management Practices: Instructions on wound cleaning, suturing, dressing, and the management of infectious wounds.
  • Training in the use of the content in the RemodeClinic
  • The use of comprehensive medicine and medical equipment for various diseases and conditions.
  • Intramuscular and subcutaneous medication administration


Duration: 1 day


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