Special Operations Medicine

Speciel Operations Medicine Training

Safe Nordic has deep roots in the Danish Special Operation Forces where many from the team of instructors have served as Combat Medics or Military Physicians. Our SOFMED Training Programs are drawing from operational experience with Special Operations and our programs are meticulously structured to cater to military tier one units operating in the most challenging conditions.

Core Training Components

At the heart of Safe Nordic’s curriculum are several key components designed to prepare participants for medical scenarios that are as unpredictable as they are critical. Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) forms the cornerstone, focusing on managing battlefield injuries with protocols aimed at the three leading causes of preventable combat deaths: hemorrhage, tension pneumothorax, and airway obstruction. This is complemented by Prolonged Field Care (PFC) training, which equips medics to provide sustained care in scenarios where evacuation is delayed, requiring them to manage severe injuries and medical conditions over extended periods without traditional hospital resources. Environmental Medicine is another critical area, preparing participants to navigate the health challenges posed by extreme climates. Safe Nordic have special expertise in Arctic tactical and remote medicine. Preventive Medicine, teaching strategies for illness prevention crucial for maintaining force health and readiness. 

Finally, Medical Planning and Logistics cover the strategic aspects of medical support, ensuring efficient allocation and transport of medical supplies and effective casualty evacuation coordination.

Integration and Comprehensive Approach

Safe Nordic’s training program is integrated with its broader offerings, including Remote Medical Support and Arctic Medicine Solutions. This integration ensures a holistic approach to medical preparedness, combining specialized medical training with comprehensive support services to prepare medical personnel for remote and extreme environments.

The Special Operations Combat Medic Sustainment Course is a notable part of the program, providing advanced sustainment training for NSOCM-certified individuals or those with equivalent training. Safe Nordic is the first and only European certified civilian provider of the NATO Special Operation Combat Medic recertification course.

With a clear focus on the realities of special operations support, Safe Nordic is dedicated to equipping medical personnel with the advanced skills necessary for high-stakes environments. The program is a testament to the commitment to excellence, underpinned by real-world experience and a comprehensive understanding special operations medicine.

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