Live Tissue Training

Live Tissue Training Course

The 2-Day Live Tissue Training course offered by Safe Nordic is a focused and intensive program specifically designed for Special Operations Forces (SOF) Medics and Tier One medical personnel. This course aims to provide hands-on, practical training in critical medical procedures that are vital in combat and high-stress environments.

Admission Requirements: Candidates must have completed recognized Tier One Medic training within the last three years.

This course delivers essential skills for SOF Medics, emphasizing practical experience and immediate application in trauma and emergency care scenarios.

Course content
  • Intravenous (IV) and Intraosseous (IO) access techniques.
  • Usage of drip sets and medication calculation.
  • Airway management practices, including Cricothyrotomy (Cric), Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) ventilation, and other advanced airway management techniques.
  • Chest drain insertion
  • Foley catheter insertion.
  • Management of compartment syndrome and crush injuries.
  • Burn care and escharotomy procedures.
  • Comprehensive wound cleaning and care.
  • Hemorrhage control for various wound types.
  • Tourniquet application and conversion techniques.
  • Practical Cricothyrotomy (Cric) procedure.
  • Needle decompression for tension pneumothorax and finger escharotomy.
  • Chest drainage insertion.
  • Management of open abdominal wounds.
  • Procedures for emergency and planned amputations.
  • Wound cleaning, suturing, and ligation of blood vessels.


Duration: 2 days


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