Arctic Heavy Expedition

Artic Heavy Expedition

The “Heavy Expedition” package is meticulously designed for challenging expeditions and missions involving multiple participants, incorporating a well-established base that can double as an initial treatment point. This course is paramount for missions where quick medical response and advanced monitoring are critical, ensuring all participants are well-prepared for the rigors of remote and austere environments. With a focus on intermediate vital sign monitoring and the provision of comprehensive basic medical treatment, including prescription medication for a range of medical conditions, the “Heavy Expedition” sets a new standard in expedition preparedness.

The course is designed for utilizing the Expedition Medical Base Kit (EMBAK)

Course content
  • Introduction to Intermediate Remote Medical Care
    • Recap of foundational concepts.
    • Introduction to secondary survey methods.
  • Secondary Survey Techniques
    • Detailed assessment after the primary survey.
    • Patient history-taking in remote settings.
    • Full body examination techniques.
    • Recognizing subtle signs and symptoms.
  • Vital signs and patient monitoring
  • Advanced Telemedical Procedures:
    • Setup and operation of telemedical equipment.
    • Effective communication with the 24/7 Duty Doctor service.


Duration: 1 day


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