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1 day | DKK 2500

the security advisor must navigate a constantly-changing environment where fast decisions and precise solutions are essential to success. this course strengthens the security advisor’s competences in conflict resolution, operational limits and skills in the use of force and phisical confrontation.

The course is for security advisors who, alone or as a team, manage personal protection and must act to protect the safety of their client and themselves. The course is suitable for participants from established western countries and other high-risk areas.

 The curriculum has been carefully selected by professional security advisors with extensive operational experience. During two full days, the course comprises of theory and practical training. The participant will be challenged on his or her personal and professional values, professionalism, creativity and the ability to maintain perspective in critical situations.


 The course day is divided into five modules:

— Conflict management and resolution

— The legal framework for the use of force in Denmark

— Awareness and use of force

— Hand-to-hand combat

— Realistic scenario training and stress testing

Module 1 – Conflict management and resolution

During this module, you will learn:

  • How disagreements can occur and escalate
  • Danger level assessment
  • To recognize your own role during conflict
  • To identify the needs of others
  • Negotiation tactics and skills
  • To detect security concerns while negotiating compromises


  • How conflict develops
  • Specific conflict assessment and management
  • Skills to reset oneself at the beginning of the day
  • Conflict participant feelings and needs
  • Communication
  • Negotiation under time constraints
  • Establishing limits
  • Aggressive conflict resolution
Module 2 – Legal framework for the use of force

During this module, you will learn:

  • Provisions of the Constitution about personal freedom
  • Provisions of the Administration of Justice Act about arrest and raid
  • Provisions of the Penal Code about self-defence and necessity


  • How and when to intervene
  • When can security personnel act and make an arrest
  • Obligations for arresting a citizen

Requirements, self-defence, options and limitations

Module 3 – Awareness and use of force

In this module, you will learn:

  • Identification of a critical, disorderly conflict
  • Use of force with least possible power

Systematic and safe deterrent and escape techniques


  • Knowledge of combative reactions
  • Appropriate behavior when a situation is unsafe or dangerous
  • Identification of the danger level of an escalated situations before the use of force
  • Systematic assessment of use of force
  • Techniques to avoid personal attacks
  • Fundamental positioning and movement during and after an arrest

 Target Group:

All professional groups in the security industry and government personnel with safety responsibilities will benefit from the course. The content will be adaptable to individual company and employee needs to maximize the benefit.

Module 4 – Hand-to-hand combat

In this module, you will learn:

  • Offensive and defensive hand-to-hand combat
  • Response to aggressive behavior
  • De-escalation tactics without weapons
  • Defensive techniques for edged and impact weapons
  • Response to confrontation by multiple individuals
  • Self-defence using various objects


  • Hand-to-hand combat safety
  • Aggression assessment and the art of de-escalation
  • Unarmed and armed combat and defensive maneuverers
  • Defence against edged and impact weapon attacks
  • Manage attacks by multiple individuals
  • Crowd control safety during a riot


Module 5 – Realistic scenario training

Realistic situation assessment
Testing under pressure of skills learned during the course in short scenarios


  • Scenario assessment in an open environment and urban area
  • Varied situations for a single person and a two-person team
  • Strenuous situation evaluation – insight into individual limitations, including psychological and physical

 Target Group:

  • Experienced and newly-qualified safety and protection advisors will elevate competences and skills through this diverse t


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