Safe Nordic

Remote Support

Remote medical support for expeditions, marine operations and personal security teams

SAFE NORDIC is highly experienced and knowledgeable in health, operational and environmental challenges for commercial, sport and scientific expeditions as well as marine and operations in hostile environments. We partner with you to deliver affordable health and safety solutions designed to improve productivity and enhance the comfort and safety of expedition members.

Products and Services:

Pre-expedition medical examinations
Medical training, with specific medical information, for the area of operation
Medicine and medical equipment designed to meet the needs of specific operations and environments

Expedition Medical Officer (EMO)

An expedition medical officer (EMO) provides medical support for expedition participants and crew or tactical team member during an operation. The EMO offers information and guidance on all aspects of medical planning and potential medical risks prior to the departure. They also manage and coordinate medical cases with local authorities and radio medical units


Our 24/7 dedicated response center will provide your team with medical assistance and case management support. Our team of doctors deliver quality care during your operation.